Monday, September 14, 2009

So Many things has happen for the past few weeks! :) Exciting week of short holidays, but accomplished alot. :) Had a great day with the C-zoners at sentosa. And the games masters and food ics really did a great job! :) Cindy and tingting planned the games and they were awesome, although it was their first time, they did it anyway and with such a great attitude :) Also not forgetting pinche and daniel khew who prepared the food, that taste really awesome!! Watch sunset together and really had lots of fun together, there is nowhere to be than to have a great day at sentosa with the C-zoners!!!
Really glad to see people begin to rise up and take ownership if the House. And seeing people having such a strong sense of belonging is so so so exciting!!

Came to a revelation while praying too. Faith is like glitters from heaven that can make one person shine for God. Having faith is makes you as shiny as glitter that are on your body, shining brightly. Really excited for C-zone! gonna really grow czone and cg. Believing in God for growth. What you confess determines the end result. And i chose to confess what i set out to do. And that is growth :)
Really believe that C2 will grow to 20 in the next 80days and czone to 75.

Nothing is impossible because our God is a BIG God that sees things through the eyes of FAITH :)

20, 75, 120.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Havnt been posting for quite a while.. Lots of things has been happening the last few week. :) I just love my life, Love everything that is in my life, God, my pastor, my leaders, my church and my friends and family! :)

This few week really got inspired by great men and women of God, Pastor Phil, Pastor How, Pastor Lia and My PASTOR!!! :) Sermons really spoke to me... Lifting my faith to a higher level. Went for Heart of God church's 10th anniversary, seeing how much they have grown from 5 to 1800+ really inspired me. I believe that they day when our church have our 10th year anniversary, we will grow to that number or even more. Really wanna see church being lifted up to a higer level and growing church with pastor and my leaders. :)

Now, focusing on growth!!! Wanna grow C2 to 20 strong members and disciples that will really love dwelling in the presence of God. Can't wait to see people in the cell group begin to rise up. I really think that growing the cell group is so possible. Don't wanna be just satisfied with having a CG of 15. But i want more. Expand and enlarge, i dun wanna be satisfied. My CG is too small, i want it bigger!! HAving faith to believe that God will really grow C2. And also Grow the entire church!!

Imaging how will church be when we grow to 120, 200, 500 and eventually reach 1000. It's gonna be so awesome, seeing leaders rise up and excited to see younger people being used by God. :) Excited for the new place as well!!! We are gonna move soon! The new place is gonna be so awesome as well.

Thats all for now.. :)

*Anointing from God
*Loving others

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

havnt been posting for quite a long time. haha. Just had a week of exams last week. and i got back my maths and chem paper. Maths i go an A! but chem got E! its ok. i did my best and im just glad that i passed both subjects. Our school did quite bad for chem paper i think. only 25% of the cohoot passed and only 7 As! and the highest was actually from our class. -_- He got a total of 90%!!!

Anyway, had a great weekend and youth day holidays! its so great to see the newer batch of future core rising up and taking responsibility of building church. :) Sat Service was really amazing and the presence of God was super strong. I really believe that in the following weeks, the presence of God is just gonna get stronger and stronger. :) we really need to come to every service with a heart of expectation, expecting God to touch us during every service. Because when we come to service or come to God with a heart of expectation, it is having faith in God and whenever there is faith, God will always be able to move in a powerful way. :)

C-zone service was amazing during sunday as well. I took service run and it was my very first time. Really nervous at the beginning but i decided to trust God in whatever i do. :) It was also my first time giving offering and announcement on stage. although i was nervous at the start, but it wasnt that scary after all! :) People like daniel khew, shelley, chantel and rainee were really so serving. Wei en also did a great job at projection while ray was doing testimony! Clement and ray also did really well leading the games! Ray's testimony was powerful too!!! most of all, Chenxi also preached really well! really inspired by her. :) Jason was really awesome leading worship too! Rebecca also helped alot and was super sharp during service run!!! Kahliang also helped to build atmosphere so well although he was not feeling well!!! Really amazed by the entire c-zone!! they are really the most amazing people and i have the most amazing leaders!

Monday had home cell leadership training(hcl) with Pastor and really learnt alot from her! I believe that the next 12 weeks will be really amazing and i really wish to draw as much from pastor as possible. :)

Cant wait for service at HOGC with Dr. A.R. Bernard this coming fri and sun! its really gonna be so powerful with this great man of God and you guys got to be there for it!!! cant miss out this great man of god ya?! haha.

Also, just cant wait for sat service too!!! its really gonna be super annoited and amazing service! I love God, i love my pastor, i love my leaders, i love my church, i love my team! God has blessed me with so many things in my life that i can never thank Him enough. :)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today was really awesome!!! CG with Pastor was really powerful! The presence of God was there, and really learnt alot from Pastor, about being bold and how we must really respond fast to our leaders. :) Pastor prophesized over us today during CG and said that i will be a leader of 12!! I really believed that whatever that was prophesized by Pastor will come true! I do not just want team of 12 people but i want 12 strong disciples who are hungry for more of God in their lives and being really servant-hearted and also being Faith-filled! :)

Just finished my QT and God really spoke to me a rhema that strucked me! "Faith is not believing that God can do things for us, nor is it believing that God will do great things for us or do the things that we want for us, but it is believing that God will USE US to do great things!!!" I really want to be the farmer of God, i want God to use me to be the one who is gonna go to the harvest field to harvest all the good fruits. I want to be the one that when God asks for volunteer, I will be the one that raise up my hands and that He will chose me to do great things for Him! :)

Anyway, Just wanna wish TINGTING a really "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! Ting ting, you are really a great leader and have a great birthday! :)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Service was really great yesterday! Really learnt a lot from Pastor, about having a great attitude. We may have a busy week and not really able to do our QT and really pray alot, but if our attitude was right before God, no matter what we do, God's presence will always be there with us. It hit me such that i really got to have a great attitude in whatever i do and attitude is the foundation for us to go into the presence of God. So i really wanna have a great attitude from now on. i really want myself to always be able have a serving attitude and always serving with a great attitude!

Was listening to Pastor Kong's sermon today about Andrew, a great servant in the bible. It really inspires me to serve more in church! Pastor Kong also says that Pastor Cho always tells the younger Pastors this - "Make your vision so big that unless God acts on it, it will never happen." When i heard this, i was like "WOW!" Really wanna learn more from my Pastor and my leaders because i know that there is always a lot of things for me that I have yet to learn from Pastor and the leaders. :)

Food for thought: Learning the blessings of becoming an invisible servant :)

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Today went to woodlands to study with kahliang. :) Its really great to talk about people and so encouraged to see people rise up. And i'm amazed by clement! he is bringing a total of four sec 1s for service! am praying hard for them to get touched by God and get saved! I believe that this is the season where we are really gonna grow and new leaders are gonna rise up and become a strong pillar in the House of God! Just cant stop thinking about how awesome it is. Really expecting a strong 80 when we move to our new place! I'm really having Faith and realling believing that God WILL grow our church!! Also, speaking the vision to myself daily and imagining it everyday during my QT! Imagination gives us the power of faith because when we begin to see the things through our imagination, it really ups the level of faith we have to see things happen. And when we have faith and trust that God will, our vision and dreams will definately come to pass! This season is the harvest season for us and i really want to be the labourer if God, to grow the church together with my Pastor and leaders! GROWTH and Vision keeps us going!!
10. 55. 80. :) YES WE CAN! :)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This few weeks have been phenominal! God is really doing something great in our church. Seeing people rise up and taking up the ownership of building church and building God a great house is really amazing!! Its less than weeks to our goal of a strong 80! i really believe that God will really make things possible. Because we serve a BIG God and He makes all things possible! I am really believing that God will make it possible! Our new place is really gonna be awesome!It will definately be ours! Imagining how it will be like to be in our new place, a new audi, a new stage, new instruments, new people and even new leaders rising up!
FAITH is the key that unlocks all the doors of impossibilities! So i just want to have faith in whatever things that i do. As long as i have faith, all things are possible! - 10...55...80... :)
Hunger.Boldness.Courage.STRONG 120!

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